GEN-S Project

Back to read?

Whatever you read, you would activate your perspective refreshed and your mind could provide you to the world more positive.

Reader Creates Reader wants you to be inspired by books that the readers who impacted with the key to sharing with you. This project could be a book recommendation. People who get inspired by the book they read will share that book to you.

1. Donator

The ones who share their book to Noir bookshelf are required to complete a few steps as below :

Record the info in RCR Library log book

  • Date
  • Book Title
  • Donator name
  • Signature
  • Key Inspiration
  • Others

Record Key Inspiration Massage

As the project concept, donators that inspired by the key from the book are warmly encouraged to share to the new readers. Why is the book inspire you a change? We all will want to know it!

So, jot down your key inspiration in the front or second of the page and covering it with your name and signature to keep it a memory.

2. Our progression

First of all, We will propose the donator to take a picture. If permitted, secondly we will get your voice to be heard on our official social media.

What we will publish:

  • Your Photo
  • Your Book
  • A content covering your summary bio

3. New Readers

To all new readers, we are so glad that you keen on this project. We hope you will enjoy reading these books!

There are just a few kicks away to complete before you habitat your reading. You are required to fill out your info: your name, book title, date, return date & phone number.