Chrey Latte

Keep boost the farmer enthusiasm to do more on producing the organic vegetable, we built a mini school called Chrey Community School to support their children.

Make Change project has been continuously encountered, and support still shaped to pushing the Chrey Community moving forward both growing the organic products and school.

Now, NOIR Coffee introduces another new Drink, Chrey Latte, a worthwhile drink that you will be a segment in helping the community and its taste will be differently special.

Chrey Ice Latte is designed as a meaningful reminder of this eco-friendly cause. So every drop you sip is every dime that matters to make our community changes. 

Why should you purchase Chrey Latte:

  • $0.2 from your coffee plus $0.2 from NOIR together will be delivered to NOIR Community School FUND
  • Be a part of helping the community
  • Giving you a special Taste

How we maintain:

  • Fund from Chrey Latte will be deposited in one bank account, corporate between NOIR Coffee and API School
  • Purchasing School supplies and students’ equipment
  • Support local teacher monthly salary