Chrey Community School

Keep boost the farmer enthusiasm to do more on producing the organic vegetable, we built a mini school called Chrey Community School to support their children.

It’s more significant for us to service our customers with the healthy product as possible besides the coffee speciality. Rationally, we have pursued an impact known as Crey Community School to provide a free General English study for the children living around those 60 families in Chrey Village.

Chrey Community School has initiated at Soda’s basement since September 2017 under the guideline of Eco farm group. This support is incorporate with NOIR Coffee and his NGO partners among the other Make CHANGE project campaign. Chrey Community School was not only given an impact on education and health of Chrey villagers but also their economy, as to contribute to local growth.

Based on this path, this contribution model has been emulated to a partner API School. API provides the annual sponsorship to English-language teachers, conduct a workshop one a month as well as supplying English main course Books and pens, and NOIR responds to others study equipment that needed. Currently, the based school has two class per day, one hour study in the evening, and 70 students together generated in those two classes.

This is one of the involvements to Chey Community resulted to keep retaining the Villagers enthusiasm on growing the organic products onward as at the time to help their children better an English Knowledge.