Chrey Community- Eco Farm

Our fresh vegetables use at NOIR Coffee are from.

At NOIR Coffee, all the vegetables used to serve such dishes are freshly from Chrey Community which has been formed as the eco-farm group. Eco Farm group is onward engaging to produce the organic vegetables initiated by 60 families living around Dan Run Village, Kien Sangkae Commune, Soutr Nikom District, Siem Reap Province, 35 kilometers far from Siem Reap town.

To maintain the eco-farm ongoing, the group has been structured with 2 Managing Directors, 3 Sale Representatives, 2 Technical agricultural Advisors on Environment, and another 6 production representatives.

Mrs. THAI Soda, one of the sale distributor of the Eco-farm group, in turn, deals their vegetables to NOIR Coffee as well as another business in town. Functionally, It is operated with the support of GRET whose mission is to increase small-scale farmers’ incomes by improving their crop yield and providing access to agricultural water. Moreover, GRET adds value to Ecofarm Group’s products by developing a geographic labeling approach and providing credit services to encourage farmers to invest more due to growing the organic products grow slower than chemical progression.

As the following reason, NOIR Coffee owner Mr. TITH Sotheara has been taking an account to raise help, keep supporting the local and remain using the organic vegetable from Chrey Community till now.