What is Noir Club?
Why Noir Club?
Become a Noir member
What is Noir Club?

Noir Club is a loyalty program aim to offer additional value to our Noir Coffee customer. You have to get access to use Noir Coffee Application that available on the App Store & Play Store.

Why Noir Club?

Noir Club or Holding a membership card provides you with such special offers and rewards as discounts on the future purchase as well as to get access to know all information that Noir Coffee might have.

  • Food & Beverage at the touch of your figure: You will end up saving much time coming to the Cafe'. Now, It’s just one click away! Our menu items are in your figure tip and your ordering comes easier as you want from any place at any time.
  • Get notify from our update faster
  • Receive the offer Get the saving point (Small Drink = 1 point & Large Drink = 1.5 points) Exchange point to drinks & gifts (10 points = 1 small Drink & 15 points = 1 Large Drink)
  • Easy to check your saving point and order history
Become a Noir member

Step 1: Get Noir Coffee App on the App Store or Play Store Click here to get Noir Coffee App: IOS,

Click here https://itunes.apple.com/kh/app/noir-coffee/id1170866238?mt=8 Android, Click here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icoding.noircoffee&hl=en

Step 2: Register Your Account

  • Sign in with Facebook or Register with your email Account 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Membership card ALERT, contact to any Noir Brunch to activate your account. Note: To activate your account, you need to purchase a card for $3. 

Step 3: How it works

Drink this month to benefit the next month. Here’s the customer ranking as the following:

1. Starter

Purchase from 1 to 15 drinks a month, you will be ranked as a STARTER.

2. Emerald

Purchase from 16 to 30 drinks, you will be ranked as EMERALD. You will be offered 10% off on purchasing every drink counting from the next month.

3. Diamond

Drink from 30 glasses up, you will be ranked to be a DIAMOND member. 15% off for you in every drink purchasing the whole month after.

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